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This instrument provides accurate speed over ground readings and heading information all in one attractive package. Available in various speed ranges to meet your application. The GPS speedo is offered in a number of popular styles to match the colours in your boat. The GPS speedo can be connected to an existing NMEA 0183 receiver if you have one already installed or you can purchase separately the custom designed GPS receiver/antenna. This product is ideal for all speed applications and is particularly useful for slower speed craft and higher speed craft where traditional speed sensors like pitot tubes and paddle-wheels do not perform well. An added advantage is there is nothing in the water to corrode or break.

BLA CodeModelColourRange MPH
112238Premier ProBlack0-60
112344LIDO ProWhite0-35
112346LIDO ProWhite0-60

112478 GPS Receiver 1.2m cable
112480 GPS Receiver 7.6m cable


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