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Mass Series Battery Chargers
The right choice for demanding conditions

Mass battery chargers are designed for the toughest conditions for professional, semiprofessional and recreational purposes. Even under the most extreme conditions the products from the Mass series operate faultlessly, giving you round-the-clock output when necessary. The sustainability and technologies that underpin the Mass concept have long been proven in practice. With an MTBF of 180,000 hours at full capacity and 24/7 use, the Mass products are ideal for the toughest tasks and any situation that requires a reliable power supply.

Mass Series Features
• Designed for the most difficult conditions
• Lightweight, stainless steel, anodised aluminium casing
• Coating of internal components prevents damage from dampness or condensation to ensure a longer lifespan
• Insensitive to electromagnetic effects from other devices
• Suitable for every type of battery, also charges flat batteries
• Delivered as standard with temperature sensor
• Full power at temperatures of up to 113°F
• Load capacities from 80 to 1000 Ah or more
• Stable and ripple free 24V and 48V power supply, even without batteries
• The Current Control function prevents the breakdown of fuses
• Parallel switching possible using multiple battery chargers
• Connections in accordance with CE, ABYC A-31 and IEC60945
• Certified by RRR, RS, DNV (24/25, 24/50, 24/75, 24/100 models) and Germanische Lloyd, Lloyd (24/75, 24/100 models)
• Type approval for application in safety zones A, B and C

BLA Code110356110358110386110360110364110366110380110382
DescriptionMass 24/15-2Mass 24/25-2Mass 24/25-2 DNVMass 24/50-2Mass 24/75Mass 24/100Mass 48/25Mass 48/50
General Specifications
Nominal output voltage24V24V24V24V24V24V48V48V
Total charge current15A at 28.5V25A at 28.5V25A at 28.5V50A at 28.5V75A at 28.5V100A at 28.5V25A at 57V50A at 57V
Number of battery outlets22221111
Charge current second output3A3A3A3An.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Recommended battery capacity30–150Ah50–250Ah50–250Ah100–500Ah150–750Ah200–1000Ah100–500Ah100–500Ah
Nominal input voltage230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–250V) – 50/60Hz230V (180–250V) – 50/60Hz
Supplies your system without batteryyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Display/read-outLED displayLED displayLED displayLED displayLED displayLED displayLED displayLED display
Dimensions, H x W x D mm325 x 220 x 111325 x 220 x 111365 x 220 x 111340 x 261 x 130340 x 261 x 130340 x 261 x 130420 x 318 x 130420 x 318 x 130
Weight kg3.
Approvals*CE, ABYC A-31, RRR, RMRSCE, ABYC A-31, RRR, RMRSCE, E-mark, ABYC A-31 / RRR, RS, DNVCE, E-mark, ABYC A-31 / RRR, RSCE, E-mark, ABYC A-31 / RRR, RS, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer LloydsCE, E-mark,
ABYC A-31 / RRR, RS, Lloyds,
Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyds
Technical Specifications
Charge characteristic**IUoUo, automatic / 3-step for gel/AGM/wet/Lithium Ion
Temperature sensoryes (included)yes (included)yes (included)yes (included)yes (included)yes (included)yes (included)yes (included)
DC Voltage drop compensationyesyesyes
DC consumption<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA<1 mA
Full load consumption (230V AC)550 W880 W880 W1800 W2600 W3500 W1800 W3500 W
Cos phi>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95
Temperature range (ambient temp.)-25°C–80°C, >45°C derating-25°C–80°C, >45°C derating-25°C–80°C, >45°C derating
Coolingvario fanvario fanvario fanvario fanvario fanvario fanvario fanvario fan
Protection degreeIP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23
Protectionsover temperature, over load, short circuit, high battery, low battery
MasterBus compatible
CSI/DC alarm (Charger Status Interface)integrated in the battery charger as standard
MasterView Read-out 110668optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
EasyView 5 110661optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
MasterShunt 110550optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
DC Distribution 110554optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
MasterBus USB Interface 110564optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
GMDSS remote Panel 110669optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption