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Circuit breaker panels with stylish curved front facia incorporating recesses for circuit breaker toggles preventing them from being switched on accidentally.

Digital panel functions include volts for up to three battery banks and current discharge/charge as well as ampere hours used and remaining for two banks. The digital meter can also be used as a tank monitor.

•Durable grey powder coated marine grade aluminium base panel
•Marine quality, magnetic, hydraulic, UL listed trip free breakers
•Backlit labels supplied, refer page 156
•Suitable size negative busbar supplied, refer page 183
•1x 450A/50mA shunt supplied, refer page
•Red LED indication for circuits ‘on’
•Green LED back lighting for meters and labels
•Double pole configurations available for survey or additional safety
•DC digital meters – 200 mV sensitivity, 1% accuracy including alarms. 12mm high numerals

With the flexibility of the ‘Contour’ four way plastic modules, BEP can build panels to custom requirements if requested.

BLA CodeCircuitsOverall Size W x H mmCut Out Size W x H mmIntrusion mmMount Screws GaugePower VoltLabel SheetCircuit Breakers 5 amp10 amp15 amp20 amp25 amp30 amp
11314712127 x 380107 x 360656 r/h12-241344-1-
11315012239 x 200219 x 180656 r/h12-241344-1-
11315816239 x 295219 x 275656 r/h12-241&245511-
11316620351 x 200331 x 180656 r/h12-241,2&35671-1
11317424351 x 295331 x 275656 r/h12-241,2&3588111
11319424239 x 385219 x 365656 r/h12-241,2&3588111

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