By preventing battery degradation, electrical systems can work within design parameters, batteries are kept in service longer and out of the recycling loop up to 3 times longer reducing lead in our environment.

Electrical systems in vehicles, vessels and equipment are designed to run efficiently with reliability and longevity as an integral part of design parameters. In practice however electrical systems are subjected to voltage losses forcing them to operate outside of design parameters, this leads to unreliability and early failure of key components and batteries which increases unnecessary maintenance and repairs.

Batteries are a degrading technology by nature and voltage losses are a direct result of the poor state of health of the battery caused by sulphation accumulation on the battery plates which causes electrical system faults. It does not end here because sulphated batteries run hotter due to high internal resistance causing gassing and electrolyte boil-off which is corrosive and explosive.

• Megapulse is a single multi-voltage product which is able to condition a single battery or a bank of batteries up to 2000Ah.
• Megapulse technology is effective on all batteries except Lithium and Nicad.
• Installed by Volvo & Scania on over 100,000 new trucks after 7 years of testing
• Multi-voltage compatible 6v to 48v
• ISO9001, E11, CE, RoHS, RCM Certified
• 10-Year Global Replacement Warranty

Features 111111
• 8mm Fork Terminals
• 1500 Ah conditioning capacity
• Cable Reach (terminals 850mm apart)
• Suitable for Small-Medium applications
• Compliant to IP65 waterproof rating
• External fuse IP65 rated – 100% sealed

Features 111109
• 8mm Ring Terminals
• 2000 Ah conditioning capacity
• Cable Reach (terminals 1050mm apart)
• Suitable for Medium-Large applications
• Compliant to IP67 waterproof rating
• External fuse IP67 rated – 100% sealed

BLA CodeModel
111111VEE System- 1500Ah
111109HD648 - 200Ah


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