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• Perfect service battery for medium and large 12V and 24V systems
• Extremely long lifespan
• No gas formation with normal use
• Fast recharge, high charge current possible
• For intensive cycle use with a high number of charge/discharge cycles
• Very low self discharge
• Two year warranty

BLA Code111094111096111098111100111104111106
DescriptionMG 12/25MG 12/55MG 12/85MG 12/120MG 12/140MG 12/200
General specifications
Nominal battery voltage12V12V12V12V12V12V
Nominal battery capacity C20*25Ah55Ah85Ah120Ah140Ah200Ah
Max. charge current12.5A27.5A42.5A60A70A100A
CCA to DIN110A230A270A450A540A630A
CCA to SAE175A380A450A760A920A1100A
Battery terminalsA-TypeA-TypeA-TypeA-TypeA-TypeA-Type
Max. outer dimensions** L x W x H mm167 x 176 x 126261 x 136 x 230330 x 171 x 236513 x 189 x 223513 x 223 x 223518 x 274 x 238
Weight kg9.61932.6414970

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