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• Excellent starter function
• Perfect upgrade for flooded lead acid batteries
• Same initial power surge in an AGM 12/90 Ah as in a 180 Ah flooded lead-acid battery
• Glass-fiber technology ensures low internal resistance
• Use of thicker plates extends lifespan
• Can be combined with every standard battery terminal
• Also for medium cyclical use

BLA Code111070111072111074111076111078111080111082
DescriptionAGM 12/55AGM 12/70AGM 12/90AGM 12/130AGM 12/160AGM 12/225AGM 12/270
General specifications
Nominal battery voltage12V12V12V12V12V12V12V
Nominal battery capacity C20*55 Ah70Ah90Ah130 Ah160Ah225Ah270Ah
Max. charge current15.3 Ah19.5 Ah25.5 Ah36 Ah45 Ah63 Ah76.5 Ah
CCA to DIN250A290A360A590A550A680A750A
CCA to SAE400A460A570A940A870A1080A1200A
Battery terminalsM6M8M8M8M8M8M8
Max. outer dimensions** L x W x H mm257 x 132 x 200348 x 167 x 178330 x 173 x 220410 x 408 x 176485 x 170 x 242522 x 240 x 224522 x 268 x 226
Weight kg17212837.642.363.573