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The BattMan models are an affordable battery monitor providing critical information about the status of your battery bank under all circumstances. The monitor has a large splashproof LCD display with backlight that selectively displays voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed amp hours and remaining battery capacity. Moreover it will warn you when your battery bank is empty. The monitor has a second battery input that can be used to monitor an auxiliary battery like a starter battery and is easy to install due to its quick nut mounting construction. BattMan is available in 2 versions; Lite and Pro. BattMan Pro displays the remaining time before your battery needs to be charged and stores special battery status events. BattMan is supplied with a 500 A shunt, screwdriver, clear installation and operation instruction manual in English, Dutch, German and French.

• Large splash proof LCD display with backlight (IP65)
• Reliable display showing the status of your battery bank (V, A, Ah & remaining capacity)
• Monitors two battery banks
• Quick nut mounting construction
• Programmable alarm relay
• Includes a 500A shunt & screwdriver
• CE certified
• Made in Holland
• Clear installation and operation instruction manual
• Remaining time (BattMan Pro)
• Remembers special battery status events (BattMan Pro)

BLA Code110670110672
DescriptionMastervolt Battman LiteMastervolt Battman Pro
Max. Ah Capacity999 Ah9999 Ah
Supply Voltage9 - 35 V9 - 35 V
Voltage Range0 - 35 V0 - 35 V
Current Consuption (backlight off)8 mA / 12 V - 6 mA / 24 V8 mA / 12 V - 6 mA / 24 V
Current Consumption (backlight on)30 mA / 12 V - 17 mA / 24 V30 mA / 12 V - 17 mA / 24 V
Voltage Resolution0.1 V0.01 V
Voltage Accuracy± 0.3 %± 0.3 %
Shunt Specification500 A / 50 mV (service set)500 A / 50 mV (service set)
Current Measurement Range0 - 500 A (optional 900 A)0 - 500 A (optional 900 A)
Current Accuracy± 0.4%± 0.4%
Battery Alarm Contactyes, potential freeyes, potential free
Remaining Timenoyes
Historic Datanoyes
Languages DisplayUniversalUniversal

• BattMan can be used in many applications like recreational or professional use in marine and mobile applications, industrial systems, off-grid solar power systems or for remote homes