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Preassembled module with solid links and application labels combining three 113550 Mini Battery Master Switches with a 140 amp Voltage Sensitive Relay. This system is an ideal replacement for an existing four position battery selector switch, easily connected to the existing wires, to provide a fully automatic battery management system. Provides for isolation of start and house batteries independently with the ability to emergency parallel supply from both. The DVSR will automatically prioritise the charging of the start battery. When the engine is first started the relay is open and remains open until the start battery has reached a preset 13.4 volt. At the rated voltage, the relay closes providing charge to both batteries (start and house). When the voltage drops below 12.8 volt (when the engine is stopped), the DVSR disengages, separating the batteries. This system eliminates the possibility of draining the start battery and protects electronics powered by the house battery from harmful engine starting spikes. Available in horizontal, vertical (designated in the on position) or square configuration. See page 158 for DVSR Charging Characteristics.

BLA CodeConfigurationBase mmHeight mmMount Holes mm
114070Horizontal276 x 69695 r/h
113684Square138 x 138695 r/h
114074Vertical69 x 276695 r/h

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