The Titan is a very powerful, compact bilge pump available in a choice of bulkhead or through deck mount. Its large, single pump chamber and generous valve ports have been designed to give a smooth, high volume flow rate. The diaphragm and handle assembly can be rotated for variable pumping positions. Suitable for saltwater, bilge water, waste water and effluent. Nitrile service kit available for use with oils and diesel. Made from moulded acetal copolymer, glass filled polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel, chromed phosphor bronze, nitrile and neoprene rubber.

BLA CodeMountCapacity L/mCapacity g/mMax Lift mMax Head mHose Size mmMount Screws mm
131038Bulkhead1052844386 r/h
131039Through deck/bulkhead1052844386 c/s

Spare Parts
131282 Spare removable handle
131283 Under deck lever kit
131290 Service kit – neoprene
131291 Service kit – nitrile
131292 Clamp plate kit
131296 Bulkhead clamp ring kit

N.B. Capacity measured at 70 strokes per minute.



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