Odour permeation in marine sanitation systems is not only unpleasant but also presents health risks. Odour free sanitation hose has up to five times better resistance to odour permeation than competitor PVC sanitation hoses. Vacuum rated to 90kPa. Smooth bore and easy clean smooth finish white outer surface. Sold in 20 metre rolls.

BLA CodeDescriptionWhale/Henderson Number
131188Chimp mk 1 & 2 diaphragm stud405.03
131189Chimp mk 1 & 2 diaphragm plate405.04
131190Chimp mk 1 & 2 diaphragm nut405.05
131197Chimp mk 1 & 2 fulcrum pin406.45
131198Chimp mk 1 & 2 hinge pin406.46
131199Chimp mk 1, 2 & urchin circlip733.40
131220Chimp mk 2 neoprene service kitAK8015
131222Chimp mk 2 nitrile service kitAK8017
131227Chimp mk 2 neoprene diaphragm406.37
131228Chimp mk 2 inlet valve733.08
131229Chimp mk 2 outlet valve733.09