A bilge pump with a world wide reputation for reliability. The large valves ensure smooth flow and reduce the likelihood of blockage by any stray debris in the bilge water. Used extensively for manual pump-out of effluent holding systems. Variable mounting positions enable the pump to be installed either on bulkhead, floor or through deck with the purchase of optional through deck kit. The design gives instant access to all parts for maintenance. Made from epoxy resin coated alloy, stainless steel, and neoprene rubber. Suitable for use with oils and diesel transfer if fitted with nitrile service kit.

BLA CodeCapacity L/mCapacity g/mMax Lift mMax Head mHose Size mmMount Screws mm
131034651744388 r/h

131156 Through deck conversion kit – alloy
131158 Through deck conversion kit – plastic

Spare Parts
131280 Service kit – nitrile
131281 Service kit – neoprene
131282 Spare removable handle
131284 Eye bolt assembly

N.B. Capacity measured at 60 strokes per minute.

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