Designed to quickly fill or, when reversed, drain a ballast tank at a rate of more than 45 L/min (12 GPM). Capable of pumping fresh or seawater the pump’s robust design can handle the rigors of continuous duty usage, is reversible and has a built-in thermal overload for added protection. Polarity reversing switch kit available as accessory. Care not to run dry for extended periods of time will increase the pump longevity and ensure reliable performance for many years.

BLA CodeModelVoltsBodyImpellerSealConnectionLength mmWidth mmHeight mmWeight kg
132176F4B-1112Bronze132987Lip sealHose 1 / 1/2 BSP202120903
132178F4B-1124Bronze132987Lip sealHose 1 / 1/2 BSP202120903

132158 Polarity Reversing Switch

N.B Only for water handling. No diesel.



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Electric Bilge & Impeller Pump