The Aquavalve is supplied with full servicing instructions. It is recommended that the seal is greased regularly with Silicone grease which is available in an appropriate sized pack. If a major service is required, a service kit is available. The service kit includes grease and seals. Red and Blue Seals are used to alter the orientation of the fittings (Blue Seal is thicker). These are available if plumbing layouts need to be changed in the future. The spanner can often be misplaced, so when changing plumbing layouts etc, a new spanner can be supplied.

BLA CodeDescription
138780Seal kit aquavalve silicone
138781Lube case with silicone
138782Spanner (wrench) aquavalve
138783Extension pack aquavalve through bulkhead
138784Fascia upgrade pack

138785 Replacement Aquavalve port seal Red (thin)
138786 Replacement Aquavalve port seal Blue (thick)