Pellerclean is a foul-release coating based on silicon, developed with the latest Japanese technology. Pellerclean is environmentally friendly and the primer does not contain any zinc chromate. It provides long term protection against fouling in both fresh and salt water environments.

Pellerclean consists of a two part primer for improving adhesion and a silicon topcoat to provide an ultra-slippery surface for releasing any attached fouling. After application any accumulated fouling normally washes off the non-stick, slippery surface when underway. For inactive boats, or those cruising below 5 knots, a quick wash or sponge off will remove any surface fouling and make the coating look like new again.

Areas of use
• Propellers
• Shafts
• Struts
• Rudders
• Trim tabs
• Any underwater metal surface

Small Set 325ml
The small Pellerclean set contains a two pack primer, silicon finish coat, stirring sticks and an application guide. The pack is sufficient for 0.7m² or a small propeller.

Large Set 1750ml
The big Pellerclean set contains a two pack primer and silicon finish coat. The pack is sufficient for 4m².

BLA CodeDescriptionSize ml
260090Small set325
260092Large set1750