Moeller Marine Products make a range of Zinc Phosphate and Sandable Primers, Engine Paints and Clear Coat Paint to suit most outboard, stern drive and inboard motors. These primers and paints are all made in the U.S.A under strict quality control, to ensure the best protection and appearance of your motor from the harsh marine environmental conditions. All primers and paints come in a 12oz (340 grams) aerosol can which features the new Big Button spray nozzle, which covers a larger area with an even consistent spray.

Zinc Primer
Zinc phosphate primer may be top coated with two coats or left as is. Ideal for aluminium surfaces above or below the water line. Excellent resistance to the marine environment. Outstanding durability and abrasion resistance.

Sandable Primer
For surfaces above the waterline, including bare metal, steel, iron, fibreglass and wood. Provides single coat hiding, super adhesion and quick drying formula. Improves bonding of colour coat. Ideal for small repairs.

Engine Paint
Acrylic lacquers formulated for extended life. For use on all outboard, stern drive, and inboard engines and lower units. Fast drying, superior durability, resistant to petrol, oil and heat.

Clear Coat
Formulated for the marine environment. Increases lustre and depth. Quick dry formula with enhanced U.V. protection.

The Big Button Spray Nozzle
Get a professional finish for all your paint projects. The Big Button features a fan spray so that you are able to coat a large area with several light coats to give a professional looking repair.

BLA CodeDescriptionType
260100Yamaha grey metallicEngine Paint
260101Yamaha blue greyEngine Paint
260102Yamaha metallic blue silver (1985-90)Engine Paint
260103Yamaha shiny blackEngine Paint
260104Evinrude blue metallicEngine Paint
260105Honda oyster silver metallicEngine Paint
260106Evin/John light blue metallic (1978-87)Engine Paint
260107Evin/John white (1972-present)Engine Paint
260108Mercury phantom blackEngine Paint
260109OMC charcoal (1986-present)Engine Paint
260110OMC cobra charcoal (1985-current)Engine Paint
260111OMC white (1977-80)Engine Paint
260112Suzuki shadow blackEngine Paint
260113Suzuki charcoal metallicEngine Paint
260114Tohatsu black blue metallicEngine Paint
260115Volvo aquamat white (1972-current)Engine Paint
260116Volvo engine charcoal/greyEngine Paint
260117Volvo engine redEngine Paint
260118Volvo grey DPX & DPS drivesEngine Paint
260119Volvo inboard / outboard grey (1989-current)Engine Paint
260120Volvo silverEngine Paint
260121Zinc phosphate yellowZinc Primer Paint
260122Platinum greySandable Primer Paint
260123Clear coatClear Coat Paint