Pro Installer Insulated Studs are available in single and twin stud versions, featuring 8mm (5/16″) and 10mm (3/8″) variants. A double stud version with 10mm and 8mm studs is also included for extending outboard motor cables. The Power Tapping Plate single stud models provide convenient termination points for additional small cables. Pro Installer family Features are replicated with these insulated studs, generous stud length, modular footprint, insulating covers with label recess, common interconnection height.

• Power tapping plate 4 x 4mm (5/16″) terminals
• Maximum current through power tapping plate 50A per terminal (4 x 50A maximum)
• Note no power passes through the stud so no amp rating is given
• 50 VDC
• High temperature, fibre reinforced plastic base provides strength and chemical resistance
• Clear polycarbonate cover with snap-out extra cable access
• Insert moulded studs with metric threads
• Stainless steel studs, screws and nuts for longevity in the marine environment
• Double studs feature ‘snap out’ insulating partition, to allow linking of studs

BLA CodeDescriptionStud Size mmQtyFootprint*
114620PSingle810.5 x
114624PDouble810.5 x
114626PDouble4405310.5 x
114626B10Double44053100.5 x
114628PSingle1010.5 x
114628B10Single10100.5 x
114632PDouble1010.5 x
114622PSingle with power Tapping Plate810.5 x

‘B’ – Denotes bulk packed item
‘P’ – Denotes packaged item


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