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Class-T fusing provides the ultimate protection for high power circuits, and where extremely fast fuse blow characteristics are required. Modern battery technologies such as Mastervolt Lithium Ion or AGM are capable of very high short circuit currents which may be beyond the interrupt rating of standard circuit breakers and other types of fuse. Two sizes of Pro Installer Class-T Fuseholder are available which accommodate fuses from 225-400 amps, and 450-600 amps respectively. Refer page 201 for T-Class Fuses.

• Fuse type Class-T (JLLN / TJN / A3T)
• Maximum amperage Determined by fuse sizing, either 400A or 600A
• 50VDC
• High temperature, fibre reinforced plastic base provides strength and chemical resistance
• Clear polycarbonate cover
• Stainless steel studs, washers and nuts for longevity in the marine environment
• Tinned CDA102 Copper conductors
• Metric threads

BLA CodeDescriptionCable Stud mmFuse Stud mmAmperageQtyFootprint*
114650PFuseholder, Class-T1010225-400A11.5 x
114652PFuseholder, Class-T1012450-600A11.5 x