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Injection moulded plastic panel with high quality two position switches rated to 20 amp, covered by rubber boots and a cigarette lighter type power socket rated to 16 amp. Panel is splash proof to IP56 standard from the front face. Each pair of toggle switch/power socket is connected to a behind panel mounted AF type blade fuse holder (115714). Available in 3 or 5 gang versions with a choice of grey or white facia. Supplied complete with 113714 28 piece label set (refer page 218). Power plug is not included with the panel and is available as a separate part. Now supplied with Marinco power socket.

BLA CodeFacia ColourGangOverall Size mmCut Out Size mmIntrusion mmPower VoltMount Screws mm
113243Grey3107 x 9587 x 4575456273 c/s
113244White3107 x 9587 x 4575456273 c/s
113253Grey5107 x 9587 x 4575456273 c/s
113254White5107 x 9587 x 4575456273 c/s

113256 Marinco power plug
113471 On/off/on switch
113472 On/off switch
113491 Rubber boot
113473 (on)/off toggle switch
115714 Fuse holder
113520 Dual 6mm insulated stud