CITRA-BLITZ is a powerful all-purpose, citrus based cleaner & degreaser suitable for removing grease, oils, waxes, glues, chewing gum, bitumen, carbon & grime from a multitude of car, truck, motorcycle, marine, mining or agricultural engines & parts.

CITRA-BLITZ is also suitable for cleaning concrete floors, steel benches, tools, sinks, wash bays, stainless steel, BBQ, commercial ovens, toilets, sinks, shower areas as well as fresh graffiti.

Common applications
• A powerful fast acting natural cleaner/degreaser
• Excellent in the removal of glues, fats, grease, oils waxes and carbon
• Fast acting degreaser that is also safe to use in bicycles
• Superior cleaning of stainless steel and aluminium and BBQ’s
• Aids in the fast removal of fresh graffiti
• Removal of thread dope from drill rods (oil & gas)
• The product of choice when removing Woolube Lanolin Products

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