Principally used as a manual toilet waste pump. The free flow valve design and quick release inspection cover makes this pump ideal for a variety of applications such as bilge, diesel transfer, emptying effluent tanks and vacuum toilet pump out. White ABS plastic housing keeps in nasty smells. Constructed from stainless steel, phosphor bronze, acetal, glass reinforced polypropylene, glass reinforced nylon and nitrile rubber.

BLA CodeCapacity L/mCapacity g/mMax Lift mMax Head mHose Size mmMount Screws

Spare Parts
131240 Service kit – nitrile
131242 Spare removable handle
131244 Rocker arm assembly kit – bulkhead mount
131246 Diaphragm plate and pivot
131249 Diaphragm only – nitrile

N.B. Capacity measured at 70 strokes per minute.

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Manual Bilge & Toilet Pumps