High capacity freshwater system efficiently delivers smooth water flow in vessels with up to 8 outlets. Combined pumps and accumulator tank ensures a smooth even flow of freshwater to multiple outlets. Reduced noise and vibration by preventing pump cycling. Efficient pump control uses system pressure to control pump activation and prevent pump cycling, a single pump activates when low flow rate is required, both pumps activate only when high flow rate is required. Robust industrial grade external pressure switches are ignition protected and require no relays. Can be fitted to new or existing systems. Pre-assembled kit ensures fast installation – includes 2 integrated high performance pumps, 2 pressure switches, 2 strainers, accumulator tank, easy to install mounting bracket and plumbing connections. Mounting brackets ensure compact footprint and includes vibration reducing mounting feet.

BLA CodeVoltsCapacity L/mCapacity GPMCut Out Pressure barCut Out Pressure psiConnections mm
13321212246.33/245/3019 hose
13321424246.33/245/3019 hose
13321612328.43/245/3019 hose
13321824328.43/245/3019 hose