Designed specifically for marine, RV and outdoor applications the marine upholstery collection offers premium top of the line weather resistant marine grade vinyl fabrics. Optimal U.V. and mildew protection helps extend the lifetime of the upholstery. Available in a wide range of textures and colours allowing you to match the BLA range of seating for rear lounges and gunwale trims.

• Anti-bacterial
• Abrasion resistant
• U.V. resistant
• Mildew resistant
• Flame retardant

BLA CodeColourDimensions L x W mMaterial Code
181550Light grey grandeur45 x 1.4533
181552Medium grey grandeur45 x 1.47036
181556Black grandeur45 x 1.4990
181560Light grey carbon45 x 1.41582
181562Black carbon45 x 1.41591
181564Mid grey carbon45 x 1.41585
181566Dark grey sedona45 x 1.41645
181568Dark grey bellweather45 x 1.489
181570Mid grey bellweather45 x 1.4995
181572Medium blue sedona45 x 1.41660

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