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Quality heavy duty tested ‘D’ shackle. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Features hot dipped galvanising for the body and pin, creating  superior corrosion resistance and longevity, plus large tie off hole for pin security making them ideal for use in harsh marine environments. Manufactured to meet or exceed current American standard RR-C-271 Type IV Grade A. These specifications ensure that each shackle performs to the load rated and proof tested weights as stated with a safety factor of 6 to 1. Conveniently stamped with working load limit and bail size.

BLA CodeBail Size mmPin Dia. mmWorking Load kgBreaking Loadk gD1 mmE Thread mmW mmW1 mmL mm
1430226850030004.85/16 - 18UNC11.924.135.1
14302481075045005.63/8 16UNC13.529.542.2
1430261011100060006.47/16 14UNC16.835.851.6
14302813162000120009.75/8 11UNC20.64668.3
143030161932501950011.23/4 10UNC26.958.784.8
143032192247502850012.77/8 9UNC31.869.9100.8
143036252985005100014.21 1/8 7UNC42.993.7128.8