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A worn or damaged impeller can cause system failure or engine breakdown. SPX’s Johnson Pump brand impellers are developed and manufactured for maximum flow and long life. With a genuine spare impeller you can also be sure that you are getting the quality required by engine manufacturers and professionals.

SPX Johnson Pump Impeller Replacement Kits
132944Impeller Johnson MC97 Key Driven 09-701B-1MC9762.32.4531.81.2518838-0001A
132946Impeller Johnson MC97 Key Driven 09-702B-1MC9765.42.5741.41.6318948-0001B
132948Impeller Johnson MC97 Flat Drive 09-703P-1MC9766.72.63Key driven31.81.2518838-0001Jabsco

*MC97 and Neoprene – for cooling, Nitrile – oil resistant