A compact and cost effective SOLAS approved life raft light, featuring a highly visible external flashing light as well as an internal illuminating light. The lighting system has been designed to be quickly and simply fixed through the life raft roof fabric with threaded locking rings for easy installation/use. Both external and internal lights are interconnected to the battery body via individual power cables. When the life raft is inflated, both lights can be immediately deployed by pulling on the single point activation cord. An additional feature allows either of the lights to be turned on or off via individual power buttons mounted on the compact lithium battery pack. The external fixture Features three high intensity 4.3 candela flashing lights providing long and penetrating signalling in all directions for 12 hours. The continuous 0.5 candela internal light provides adequate light in all directions for reading and viewing inside a covered life raft. All light units, battery pack and switches are sealed and watertight.

• Manual operation of individual lights saves power
• Bright flashing external light of 4.3 candela intensity visible in all directions of the upper hemisphere
• Bright continuous light of 0.5 candela intensity provides internal illumination
• 5 year expiry on non replacement lithium battery exceeding 12 hours of operation time
• IMO SOLAS standards certification

BLA CodeBattery Pack W x H x D mmExternal Light W x H x D mmExternal Light Cable Length mmInternal Light W x H x D mmInternal Light Cable Length mm
22606662 x 34 x 7463 x 44 x 63132063 x 44 x 63740