Featuring Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim, we can understand the excitement around this motor. The Saltwater Ulterra i-Pilot is available in 80lb and 112lb with shaft lengths from 60″ to a massive 72″ to cater for the off-shore angler who wants to hold on those off-shore marks. The optional foot pedal features a spot-lock button, power trim and stow/deploy all from the pedal. The motor comes standard with a remote control providing full operation including trim and stow and deploy.

• i-Pilot®
• Auto Stow/Deploy
• Power Trim
• Foot Pedal and Remote Buttons
• 80lb – 112lb Thrust
• Indestructible Composite Shaft
• Weedless Wedge 2 Prop
• Battery Indicator
• Digital Maximizer™
• Limited lifetime warranty on shaft
• 2 year warranty

BLA CodeModelMaximum Thrust lbVoltsShaft Length inFoot PedalLift Assisti-PilotBlueToothJog ModeUniversal SonarMax Boat Length m
601620RT Ulterra 80 Adv i-Pilot802460OptionalAutoHeading SensorYesYesNo7
601621RT Ulterra 80 Adv i-Pilot802472OptionalAutoHeading SensorYesYesNo7
601622RT Ulterra 112 Adv i-Pilot1123660OptionalAutoHeading SensorYesYesNo7.6
601624RT Ulterra 112 Adv i-Pilot1123672OptionalAutoHeading SensorYesYesNo7.6

602952 Foot Pedal to suit Ulterra
602804 i-Pilot Remote to suit 2017 Blue Tooth motors only (will not suit previous motors)
602808 Micro Remote to suit Blue Tooth motors 2017 onwards
603009 Quick Release Bracket to suit 60″ shaft model only
603019 Heavy Duty Quick Release Bracket Mount – All 72″ motors