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Same industry standard mounting with on/off operation. Used where positive and negative supplies must be isolated at the same time. Also available in EZ Mount version for quick wiring from the front.

SAFETY NOTE For safety reasons Marinco® BEP does not recommend this for switching house and start battery systems at the same time. You may need to isolate your engine battery in an emergency, but not your house battery which typically powers the communications. For this application please use the new Dual Bank Control Switch (114088) or one of Marinco® BEP’s battery switch clusters.

BLA CodeModel LxWxH mmRating (A DC) InterContCrankVoltage (V DC)OperationStud Detail
114084770-DP98 x 98 x 922x 4002x 6002x 150048On/off (x2)4x (3/8" / 10mm)
114085770-DP EZ98 x 98 x 922x 4002x 6002x 150048On/off (x2)4x (3/8" / 10mm)