Sleek. Streamlined. Powerful. Introducing Razor – The World’s FIRST flush-mount light bar. Razor was carefully designed to be easily integrated into most existing hardtop, arch, and pilothouse designs – typically with only minor modification to production tooling. When mounted facing forward, Razor’s long-throw and high position are invaluable for spotting markers and obstructions. When positioned downward and aft, Razor floods cockpits, gunwales and surrounding areas with more than 10,000 night-piercing lumens.

BLA CodeFinishBeamCriCctVoltsAmp Draw 12V / 24VLumens+
123631WhiteFlood70+500010-309A / 4.2A10, 000
123633WhiteSpot70+500010-309A / 4.2A10, 000