The Orbit LED Down Light has class-leading output, weatherproof construction, and the simplest installation in the industry. With a shallow-depth profile (less than 1/2” mounting depth) and a secure composite mounting system, this LED down light is ideal for a variety of cabin lighting, T-top lighting and mezzanine uses. Intelligent circuitry enables advanced features like dimming and multi-colour control without external control modules, specialised switches, or additional wire runs. Completely water sealed and IP67 compliant. Timed Toggled Protocol (TTP) gives the ability to dim lights and change colours (where applicable).

BLA CodeFinishColour OutputCriCctTTPVoltsAmp Draw 12V / 24Lumens+
123781WhiteWhite70+5000No10-30290mA / 160mA210
123783WhiteWhite70+5000No10-30360mA / 180mA160
123784WhiteSpectrum70+5000Yes10-30290mA / 160mA210
123786WhiteWarm white (Hi CRI)90+3000Yes10-30290mA / 160mA130