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Lenco Electric Edge Mount Trim Tab Kits make your boat ride smoother, dryer, faster and with increased safety whether on a small runabout or a large motor cruisers. The Lenco ball screw design is more reliable, three times more powerful and Features an instant response, which makes them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulics. Lenco fast response electric actuators are fully submersible with all plug and play waterproof Deutsch connections. Edge Mount actuators mount at the trailing edge of the plane, requiring 100mm less transom height than Lenco standard mount trim tabs.

• Blades 12 Gauge stainless steel
• Finish Smooth
• Switch kit Sold separately
• Made in Stuart, Florida U.S.A.
• 2x 6.1m Actuator extension harness
• 2x Actuators with 1.8m harness
• 2x SS Blades with upper and lower mounting brackets
• 3 Year warranty

BLA CodeBlade Size L x W inRecommended Boat Length mFinish
31244812 x 94.2 - 5.4Polished
31244912 x 125.1 - 9.1Polished
31246112 x 94.2 - 5.4Standard
3124649 x 94.2 - 5.4Standard
3124669 x 124.8 - 7.6Standard
31246812 x 125.1 - 9.1Standard
31247012 x 187.9 - 10.9Standard

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