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The Auto Glide uses engine data and GPS data (depending on your installation method) to drive your boat to the most efficient running angle by adjusting your Lenco trim tabs as needed. This optimum running angle is determined during the set-up process after the installation of your Auto Glide system. Imagine that your boat’s running angle is measured 25 times per second and this data is used by the new Auto Glide control box to; Automatically put your boat in the most efficient running angle, reduce the amount of bow rise of your boat during hole shot mode, eliminate bow porpoising (bow bounce), keep your boat level at all times.

Note The Auto Glide does not control the “trim” function of your engine(s) / motor(s). Please
remember to use the trim feature exactly as you would in the normal operation of your boat.

• Automatic pitch and roll corrections
• Automatically trims boat to the most fuel efficient position
• Takes the trim tab operation out of the hands of the operator while allowing for manual override at the touch of a button
• Reduces time to plane
• Does not adjust during turns, allowing boat to roll naturally
• Safety – minimises bow rise and improves boat’s hole shot performance
• Built-in automatic trim tab retraction
• Waterproof key pad and control box
• Three custom settings “Hold” mode and (2) “Favourite” modes
• Increase in fuel savings
• Can be installed on any boat with Lenco electric actuators
• Fast and easy installation
• 2 Year warranty
(Includes GPS Antenna & NMEA 2000 Network)

BLA CodeActuator System

312860 Autoglide Adaptor Cable Smartcraft
312862 Autoglide Adaptor J1939
312864 Autoglide Adaptor Cable Yamaha
312866 Autoglide Adaptor Nmea2000
312850 Autoglide GPS Ext Kit 4.5m