Black polyethylene foam tape with acrylic self adhesive backing. Sizes available to suit most hatch sealing applications. Density – 45kg/m3;.

BLA CodeSize
1720843mm x 12mm x 25m
1720863mm x 15mm x 25m
1720883mm x 18mm x 25m
1720903mm x 24mm x 25m
1720923mm x 36mm x 25m
1720943mm x 48mm x 25m
1720966mm x 12mm x 15m
1720986mm x 15mm x 15m
1721006mm x 18mm x 15m
1721026mm x 24mm x 15m
1721046mm x 36mm x 15m
1721066mm x 48mm x 15m
17210810mm x 12mm x 10m
17211010mm x 15mm x 10m
17211210mm x 18mm x 10m
17211410mm x 24mm x 10m
17211610mm x 36mm x 10m
17211810mm x 48mm x 10m