Powerful fixed mount light available in a range of control configurations and voltages. Command to the powerful two speed motor is via a choice of controls, including a six function wireless push button dash mounted remote, hard-wired dash mounted joystick control or cordless hand remote. The exclusive Cr5 Pentabeam™ II provides a crisp 10° beam angle while concentrating the powerful 500,000 candlepower light up to 895 metres with a peak beam intensity of 200,000 candela. The Golight® Stryker™ can be tilted vertically 85° above and 45° below horizontal while providing full 370° rotation. This modern slimline design is available in a white body in 12 volts.

BLA CodeControl TypeVolts
123360Wireless hand12
123362Wireless dash12
123368Hard wired12

123380 Wireless hand held remote
123382 Wireless dash mount remote