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For over 30 years DJ Pump has been manufacturing and supplying the marine industry with quality marine pumps and Accessories. Manufactured in their hi-tech Korean ISO certified facility to exacting standards ensuring consistent quality and reliability the range of DJ Pump impellers are subjected to quality testing to ensure reliability and continued performance.

Flexible impeller pumps are used extensively in the marine industry and are designed to provide an efficient method of pumping raw water to a large number of applications where required. Often an integral part of the engines cooling system, these pumps operate using an internal impeller which is designed to circulate water continuously throughout the engine.

To satisfy the replacement market DJ Pump manufacturers a wide range of popular impeller vane and shaft configurations in Neoprene for general fresh and seawater applications and to a lesser extent in nitrile for oil and diesel applications.

DJ Pump impellers can be fitted to most makes and models of flexible impeller marine engine cooling, bilge, electronic clutch and multi-purpose pumps and are manufactured from quality materials to provide excellent longevity without sacrificing flow characteristics.
Available in a wide range of shaft, diameter and depth configurations each impeller is packed in an easy to identify box clearly showing shaft, material and brand replacement codes.

N.B. Indicative impeller type size comparisons and vane configurations. *Not to scale


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