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Now you don’t have to buy a new boat or an entire new set of trim tabs to get all the advantages of the latest in trim tab technology. Lenco’s high-performance instant response actuators are now available to retrofit any boat equipped with the standard length Bennett hydraulic cylinders.

• Upgrade to our instant response electric actuators
• Improved boat performance
• Eliminate messy hydraulic pump unit
• Use your existing Bennett trim blades
• No new holes to drill
• Retrofits other hydraulic systems with minor modifications
• 3 Year warranty

This simple Conversion & Performance Upgrade Kit includes everything necessary to upgrade your current boat without any drilling or filling of holes. You simply discard the hydraulic pump unit and the two Bennett cylinders. Lenco’s new upper mounting brackets fit the existing Bennett mounting holes on the transom. Install the two Lenco electric actuators on your existing Bennett trim blades using the existing lower actuator brackets. Connect our actuator wiring to the existing harness. Jumper wires are included for attaching to current Bennett rocker switch or you may also complement your upgrade kit by adding any Lenco switch kit including the Auto Glide system.